The dispensary manager took back the concentrate

Girl Scout cookies is a hybrid that uses OG kush

The recreational and medical marijuana dispensary near me has an excellent return policy. I know that I can try any product in the store. If I am unsatisfied with the product, I can return it for a full refund and credit. The store does not return your money because of state and federal laws, but the manager does everything possible to make sure that you leave happy. I bought some expensive CBD and THC tincture from the store last month. The flavor of the CBD tincture was supposed to be orange. I didn’t taste any orange, lemon, or lime. There was no hint of citrus at all in the marijuana tincture and I was very disappointed after spending $45. I took the product back to the dispensary to speak with the manager. She offered to give me a full refund for the price plus 10% and store credit. I had to use the credit immediately, but I did not mind. I decided not to buy the same brand of marijuana tincture. This time I got an RSO tincture that was half CBD and half thc. I also used the extra store credit to get a free roll to smoke on the way home from the dispensary. The medical marijuana joint was a hybrid called Girl Scout cookies. Girl Scout cookies is a hybrid that uses OG kush. It has many awards and is used in many different hybrids today like thin mints, cereal milk, and cookies and cream. It was pretty flavorful considering it wasn’t infused with distillate or bubble hash.


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