The dispensary is across the street from the comic shop

Laws have easily changed and all of us are still on easy as well as paranoid about getting stoned on marijuana in public.

The two of us prefer to be in our own condominium when we are getting high.

Up until a little while ago, possessing marijuana was still a crime and the two of us had to be aware when we were in the public area. The two of us basically wanted to be high all of the time but the two of us did not want to be busted. Things have definitely changed plus now the laws are vastly different. I still believe that the cops will be after me and I guess it’s weird just being stoned around all of the other people and it not being a big deal. Every one of us have acclimated to this reality partially due to the fact that there is a cannabis shop next to the comic book place. The cannabis shop opened about 6 months ago and I was at the comic book store when I realized the cannabis shop was there. It happened on a weird afternoon when I was already thinking about smoking cannabis. The comic book store is right across the street and I can smoke a bowl of Blue Dream and then go to the comic book shop where I can sit around and look at all of the different magazines. I have a vaporizer marijuana pen with a stinkless cannabis oil. It’s hard for anyone to smell the odor when I am vaping the cannabis oil.


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