The delivery driver got stuck outside eventually

We’ve had a lot of rain recently and all of the roads are wet and muddy; then there are even a couple of sites that are still closed down due to flooding. I have not wanted to leave the dwelling at all. I certainly don’t have great windshield wipers and my tires are mostly bald; however, staying home when it’s raining is the safest thing to do. I was definitely planning to hang out with some friends last Sunday night despite the fact that I decided to stay home and order from the marijuana delivery service instead. I also got some delicious pizza from a nearby shop. The pizza delivery driver arrived before the marijuana driver, when the pizza shop driver left the driveway, he put a sizable rut in the mud. I was also hoping that the marijuana delivery service driver would avoid the rut in the driveway, but he got stuck in it instead. The guy was simply throwing mud all over the front of my dwelling as he tried to exit the driveway. I had to get into my truck and pull the guy out of the mud so he could leave the property. I got soaked from head to toe and I had mud from my feet to my knees, however by the time I got to the pizza it was cold, but at least the marijuana was still in great shape. It was also inside of a bin and then a container. I put the pizza in the oven for 30 minutes and sat down at the table to smoke a sizable bowl while I waited for the pizza to heat up.
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