The coloring book has some beautiful marijuana plants

Even though I am in my 40s, my father still buys me presents every year for christmas. This year for Christmas, my father purchased me something genuinely neat and interesting. My Dad certainly knows that I appreciate marijuana. I’ve been using recreational marijuana since I was a teenager. Now that it is legal and easier to get, I smoke it even more often overall. I also appreciate being able to color. I have a ton of bizarre coloring books in my household. I like to get high on recreational marijuana and color for hours on end. I find it to be actually relaxing. My Dad knows how much I appreciate coloring too and for Christmas the man purchased me a couple of adult coloring books. He easily purchased coloring books that have marijuana plants inside of them. The marijuana coloring books were a genuinely neat and interesting idea. I didn’t even know they designed coloring books with marijuana leaves and plants inside of them. It was a genuinely neat and interesting thing to see the books. I did not genuinely expect my father to hit a homerun and he definitely did. He picked out the perfect gift for me. I told all of my buddies about the coloring books and they wanted to come to my house and hang out with me. Nobody minded coloring like a 7-year-old when we were coloring beautiful pot plants and marijuana joints. My associate and I put some tunes on the speaker, smoked a substantial joint of marijuana, and we colored in the new books for a pretty long time. It was a great deal of fun to have a coloring celebration at my household.

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