The caramel popcorn balls were covered with chocolate

Last week when I was at the marijuana shop, they had a few leftover distillates and I bought the last three grams of banana OG.

I don’t know why they had banana OG left over after everything else.

It’s a perfectly great indica strain that makes me feel very relaxed and calm. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to do with the indica strain.I knew that the holidays were right around the corner and that made me think of making popcorn balls. My family and I made popcorn balls when I was a kid. It had been a while since the last time that I made popcorn balls, but the distillate gave me a great idea. Chocolate and marijuana mix very well together. The chocolate seems to enhance the marijuana and make the effect even greater. It must be the natural terpenes in the cacao plant that make chocolate enhance the effects. I coated each one of the popcorn balls with infused marijuana chocolate. I let them sit out overnight so the chocolate had plenty of time to harden. There’s nothing worse than balls with drippy chocolate that doesn’t set. I gave out all of the chocolate covered marijuana balls to each and every one of my friends. They were super excited to receive the treat. I think that the popcorn balls might be a tradition that I want to continue moving forward. My mom did that the entire time that I was a kid and now I could do that for my friends. One day I can do that for my children too, but not with marijuana of course.


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