The cannabis I had got ruined while surfing

I grabbed my surfboard and headed to the beach for some fun surfing.

I also grabbed a bin of marijuana and a bowl.

I had just enough room in my pockets for the bin of marijuana and the bowl. When I got to the beach, I found a spot where I could relax. I took the bin of marijuana out of my overcoat and I put a large bud inside of the bowl. I easily lit the bowl and I puffed on the recreational marijuana buds a couple of times. When I felt my head beginning to feel sort of light, I knew I had smoked enough to get high. I hit the marijuana bowl a single more time and then I stuffed it into my pocket. I put the bin of marijuana in my back pocket, because it has a zipper. I did not want to lose the marijuana while I was surfing. I did not want to leave it sitting on the beach either. The package was supposed to be waterproof and the pocket of my pants is water resistant. I thought it would be just fine to be honest. When I was done surfing, I got out of the water and I tested my bin of marijuana. It was soaking wet and all of the buds were covered with seawater. I had not closed the bin tightly enough and it opened up in my pocket. Happily, I did not have a lot of buds in the bin. It was the last of an eight that I had resting around the household. I did not have anything to smoke on the way back to my place from surfing.

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