The boys really shouldn’t have disobeyed the rules

My husband & I were supposed to go out of the area for a couple of afternoons.

  • Also, my mom was supposed to be at the residence with the boys.

Sadly, she got strep throat at the last minute & canceled. My boys basically said that they could stay at the residence all weekend by themselves & everything would be just fine… I did not know if that was actually true or not, however we definitely made the plans & I could not cancel them at the last minute. After we left the residence on Friday, I called my child & he did not answer the iPhone. He was supposed to be at the residence & he told me that he would not leave the house at all while the two of us were away. I started to get pretty mad when I called again & no one answered the iPhone. I refused to get on the airplane after that & I canceled all of our plans so the two of us could go back to the residence. When the two of us got back to the residence, I found these kids were having a party in the backyard. The music was turned up terribly loud & the children actually were smoking recreational marijuana. The entire backyard had the powerful smell of marijuana. I asked my child where the marijuana came from, but he would not provide me an answer! Later I was able to discover that he used his sibling’s identification card to order marijuana supplies from a local cannabis delivery service. My child does not look much like his sibling & I was enraged that the marijuana dispensary sold products to my 15-year-old child without double checking the ID.

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