The $11 edibles were just as flavorful as the pricier ones

I did not think about what I would buy after I got my medical marijuana card.

I never thought I would be the type of person to smoke medical marijuana, however the dentist told myself and others that pot could help a great deal with my chronic pain that I was feeling every single day.

The pain was getting worse plus worse with each year that passed. I didn’t want to get addicted to dangerous pain pills plus I was getting to a place in my life where the pain was so excruciating that I needed to start taking something to get through the day. The dentist suggested medical marijuana instead of increasing the amount of opioid drugs I was putting into my system. The first time I went into a medical marijuana clinic, the lady behind the counter was genuinely persuasive. I got fifty % off of my entire purchase, so I decided to buy a bunch of strange products that the cannabis specialist suggested to me… Some of the products were edibles plus some of the products were Vape pen accessories. Many of the products were dried marijuana flower or tinctures, but one of my favorite products were the edibles that the women suggested, however unfortunately, they were $25 for 1 package of edibles plus I had to eat 2 of the candies in the day, day, plus night in order to get maximum pain relief plus effectiveness plus I could not afford to spend $25 every other day. I found some 11 dollar edibles at a marijuana dispensary on the other side of town. I buy my products there now. They are much cheaper but just as flavorful as the more pricey ones.


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