That edible saved the day

The fact that I have such access to a cannabis dispensary is something that I just stay in gratitude over, but had it not been for legal medical marijuana, who knows where we’d be right now as far as legal weed.

I just hate that it has taken so long for us to realize that cannabis has so much to offer.

How did it take so many years and decades to unwind a myth when it came to a conceptualized evil in a marijuana plant. It still wrecks my mind. And what if medical marijuana hadn’t worked out? I doubt there would be recreational marijuana usage in this state for sure. I think the myth would have continued and so many of us who get so much from using cannabis products would simply be without. All of these things sort of rent space in my head as I carry them with me monthly. Then, something will happen that magnifies my good nature when it comes to accessing legal recreational marijuana… Just the other afternoon, I had my car completely cut down. I called for the wrecker and rode with the guy to the shop. This happened on an end of town I’m not all that proper with. I got set up with the mechanic and then called a friend for a ride. It was going to be another hour or so and he recommended a cool cafe around the corner. I went for a tea and found a table. I just wanted to breathe and let my frustration go. That’s when I found that I still had a cannabis edible in my backpack. I nibbled half of that and turned a disappointing afternoon into one of the finest sunsets I’ve ever witnessed. That’s not a marijuana myth, that’s yet another benefit I get from cannabis and cannabis products.

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