Switching to other styles of medical cannabis

I think that people tell our fiance Ed that I’m just a gold digger, however they are all wrong. I certainly care for Ed, as well as not just because he owns a business, numerous cars, as well as a home with a swimming pool. I enjoy Ed for his personality, but I entirely much enjoy everything else, too. I don’t care about having a job, I never have! When given our druthers I prefer to focus on art, as well as baking, as well as enjoying time sitting out by the pool. I also enjoy a steady stream of cocktails as well as medical cannabis, just for a general sense of well-being. It seems that all the loose talk finally got into Ed’s mind, as well as he told me I needed to find a job as well as stop smoking medical cannabis every day. Taking his warning to heart, I went over to one of the local medical cannabis shops in town as well as asked if they were hiring, however not only were they fully staffed with cannabis budtenders, however they had a fat stack of applications of other people who wanted to work there. I was trying to kill numerous parakeets with one stone by finding a job related to medical cannabis, however obviously it was not in the cards for me. While I was perusing the store, I realized there were dozens of other kinds of medical cannabis products I could be using instead. By our reasoning, I could eat some cannabis gummies, or sip on fruit juice infused with THC as well as CBD, as well as Ed would never realize that I was still getting high.
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