Stop and smell the cannabis

I really don’t know how my life got to be in such unnecessary turmoil.

But it took a couple of decades living the way I did before all that got shut down.

It’s interesting how one can start out in one place and then things get added over time to where they are completely overwhelmed. It’s just that I didn’t know it. I was like the proverbial frog in the pot of water that doesn’t jump out as the heat rises to boiling. Thanks to the cannabis dispensary and reasonable marijuana laws in my state, I’m starting to pick up the pieces after it all came apart. Having a heart attack at 47 was a sure sign that I wasn’t stopping to smell the roses enough in my life. I woke up stressed and went to bed stressed. And in between waking and resting, I was in a pressure cooker at work 6 days a week on average. Something had to give and I’m just lucky that it didn’t kill me I suppose. When I got out of the hospital, my wife suggested with extreme seriousness that it was time for a change. And this wasn’t the first time that she had suggested that I change my lifestyle. But it was the first time that I was actually ready to embrace another way of living. I chose to go all the way with this change so I took a sabbatical from work to the chagrin of the company. And I have now focused on a holistic therapy that also includes using things called purple haze and blue dream. I mean, how can that not be anything but stress relieving. I was mellowed out just saying the names to myself in the cannabis dispensary.

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