Something must be wrong with our digital thermostat

Something must really be wrong with our digital thermostat because the temperature keeps going up and down all on its own. I don’t know what the deal is, to tell you the truth. I checked the batteries on the thermostat just to make sure that they hadn’t had all of the juice drained out of them or something. That wasn’t the case, though. The batteries in the thermostat were working just fine. Then I started to think that maybe there was something going on with the heating system itself. That wasn’t the case, though, either. The heating system had just been serviced by our HVAC company and so I knew for a fact that there wasn’t anything wrong with the furnace itself. So it turned out that the probably is actually with the digital thermostat. I kept yelling at my kids about the fact that they were adjusting the temperature on the digital thermostat, but they basically said that they had never even touched the thermostat at all. There was no way for me to prove otherwise and so I finally took their word for it. However, that meant that someone else was changing the thermostat! My husband said that he wasn’t doing it either, so I was completely confused about the whole thing. I was ready to install cameras in the house or something! However, then it turned out that nobody was actually changing the thermostat temperature at all. The digital thermostat was actually completely on the blink and I had to just give up and get a new one.

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