Someone parked by the dumpster all night

There was a burglary at the local marijuana shop a couple of weeks ago.

When the burglary occurred, they got the culprits on tape.

The place had a security system set up. They didn’t get a good picture of the two guys’ faces, but they managed to get enough information to the police that they believed they would be able to catch them. The marijuana shop called the place where I work. I work for a security company. We provide security services all over the city at events, business functions, and every day businesses. I was assigned to the job at the marijuana dispensary. I sit inside of the building all night in the lobby. I have a view of everything that is going on outside and I can hear everything going on inside of the building. I’m not supposed to leave the lobby of the marijuana dispensary unless there is an emergency. I was posted inside of the marijuana dispensary a couple of days ago and I noticed that someone was parked by the dumpster. The car was parked by the dumpster at midnight and still at 3:00 in the morning. The same car was still parked by the dumpster all night long. In the morning I found a person sleeping inside of the car. I told the person that they were not allowed to sleep in the parking lot. I still think it was weird and bizarre for the car to be parked at the dispensary all night long, especially after there was a burglary just a few weeks ago.



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