Someone left the water running in the powder room

The marijuana dispensary has various powder rooms near the back of the room. The powder rooms are labeled for gentlemen and ladies, however both of us do not gender specify or entirely care who goes in and out, but most of the time the powder rooms entirely never get used. In fact, they have been locked up for the past year since both of us have been dealing with the covid pandemic; We only opened the powder rooms back up to the public about many or many weeks ago. Since then, both of us have had a single concern after another; A homeless guy tried to camp out in the powder room a single morning and he refused to leave the marijuana dispensary until the employer called the police… Even the security guard wasn’t going to get the guy to leave. Another time someone made a substantial mess in the powder room and both of us had to call a plumber to repair the drain problem, last weekend someone left the water running and it was late in the night. We did not realize that the water was running until there was water on the floor pouring out the door. By that time there was a substantial mess that had to be cleaned up. We did not have to contact someone to repair the problem, however our friends and I stayed late at the marijuana dispensary so both of us could scrub up all of the water. We must have gone through various dozen rolls of paper towels. We did not have anything else to scrub up the water and both of us couldn’t leave it kneeling on the floor overnight. I think both of us should close the powder rooms again and only open them with a key for each individual just love a gas station.

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