Social media marketing? Everyone knows about cannabis.

When my online marketing company told me I needed to incorporate social media marketing into my marketing strategy, I laughed.

Everyone knows about cannabis, and many people who use social media also use marijuana.

I told the marketing company that I thought it was silly to use social media marketing for my cannabis dispensary. It didn’t matter how silly I thought it was; he said it was a useful tool that I should take advantage of. I told him I wanted nothing to do with social media marketing, but it didn’t matter how much other marketing he did for me. He told me I wasn’t doing myself any service by refusing social media marketing. Social media was one of the biggest marketplaces in the world. Nearly everyone in the world had their favorite social media site. I may want to only reach people in our immediate area, but if we were planning on shipping c annabis to other areas, we needed to reach those potential customers. The best way to reach those customers was by using social media marketing. I shrugged because I didn’t care what he said. I had my mind set against using social media marketing, and he could talk until he was blue in the face. I wasn’t changing my mind. The marketing agent I was working with told me it could be too late by the time I change my mind and realize social media marketing should have been used. I knew he was wrong, but I would not continue arguing with him, because I thought he was being stubborn and just trying to sell me another service.


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