Smoking marijuana in the back seat

Ed as well as I moved to an unusual club that was many blocks away

Ed as well as I decided to go downtown for the night. Ed and I knew that all of us were going to be drinking as well as going from one club to the next, so Ed and I did not drive our vehicles. Ed as well as I took a taxi downtown to the location of the clubs. Most of the clubs are all on the same street. When Ed and I got into the car, all of us told the taxi driver where all of us wanted to go. The driver was a nice older fellow that seemed to be actually carefree as well as easy going. The driver let us smoke some marijuana in the backseat of the car. He told us to roll down the window so the odor wouldn’t be awful in the car. He didn’t mind if Ed and I were going to smoke marijuana. Ed and I provided the driver of the motorcar a joint, but the driver refused as well as stated that he still had many hours left of his shift. Ed as well as I were high on marijuana products when all of us arrived downtown. The first club Ed and I visited was a club that plays country as well as western tunes. The crowd was a fantastic mix of people, although I absolutely wasn’t enjoying the mix of tunes. Ed as well as I moved to an unusual club that was many blocks away. This club played techno as well as more current tunes. There was drinking, alcohol, as well as lots of people smoking marijuana everywhere. It was a perfect place for us to spend the rest of our evening, then by the end of the night, I was eager to pass out as well as sleep for 3 days.

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