Smoking cannabis on the camping trip

Call me crazy, but I thought taking my child plus a few of her friends camping would be a good time, however and it was, actually, but it was a lot more effort plus attention than I anticipated.

I had too various kids to keep an eye on, plus no other adults there to help me out.

I feel I did okay in the end – nobody got lost, hurt, or fell into the lake, so it was great wipe fun for all. Mostly clean, anyway. Secretly I brought a cooler filled with budweiser plus a knapsack filled with my gear so I could smoke cannabis out in the wild. If I was going to make it through the whole weekend with these kids, I was going to need a lot of cannabis! The first day was crazy, but things settled down after dark when my friend and I built a huge bonfire for the camp. The smoke from the fire was just what I needed to hide the stink of my cannabis smoke. I snuck away, hid behind the camper, plus smoked a pre-rolled cannabis joint while listening to the kids talking around the fire, then cannabis has such a powerful smell I needed that pungent wood smoke to cover it up, but even then some of the kids observed what they called “a odd stink.” I should have obtained a pack of cigarettes to cover up the cannabis smoke, but I wasn’t thinking ahead. It was a fun weekend overall, but I had to be so careful about smoking cannabis I barely got stoned at all, which was a bummer.

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