Should I simply sell the cannabis dispensary?

I earned an enormous cash offer from a rival dealer that wants to buy my business. I have to give it a few afternoons and weigh my various options, and of course I need to discuss it with Ed, my company partner. Five years ago Ed and I started this shop, which has expanded and grown wildly since then. Weed is a major industry in this part of the country, and there is a lot of local competition for market share. One of these competitors came to me with a big offer, a one-time cash payment to buy my cannabis dispensary and all the inventory. I won’t disclose the exact sum of cash, but it’s enough that even when I split it with Ed, the co-owner of the cannabis store, it will be enough to live comfortably for the rest of my life. I did not open this cannabis dispensary looking for a large payoff, I just wanted a way to make a chance to reside. Over the last few years I have poured my heart and soul into this site, and helping patients with medical cannabis has been deeply rewarding. In other words, I don’t see the cannabis store as a job, it’s a calling. On the other hand, this rival cannabis dealer is offering a ludicrous amount of cash. If I really wanted to I could take the cash, transport somewhere on the beach, and open a new cannabis dispensary! I appreciate my store, my employees, and my cannabis clients, so I am absolutely torn about what to do next. Do you have any advice?

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