Shopping for good quality flower

I’ve been smoking marijuana for many years.

I’ve grown weed myself and purchased it from friends.

Although it wasn’t legal, I needed the relief from social anxiety and stress. It was a huge relief when cannabis was finally legalized in my home state. I’m now able to show a valid identification and shop for dried flower at the local dispensary. The products on the shelves are free of pesticides, third-party verified and lab tested. The labels provide helpful information, including THC levels and prevalent terpenes. I’ve become quite particular about the quality of flower I’m willing to smoke. I’m happy to spend more for top-shelf bud. When the plant is allowed to mature and bug properly cultivated and processed, I enjoy better effects. Before purchasing, I check for a plentiful coating of trichomes. The tiny mushroom-shaped crystals are where the cannabinoids and terpenes are found. If there’s lots of them, I can be sure of rich flavor and high potency. I also look to make sure the hair-like pistils are a bright orange. If they are white, I know the weed was harvested too early. If they are brown or gray, it proves the weed is old. The texture is important too. I don’t want flower that is wet and sticky or dry and crumbly. The buds need to be dense and provide a pungent aroma. There should be no signs of webs or mold. I’ve been very satisfied with the quality of strains I’ve found on the shelves of the dispensary. They carry some of the most popular producers in a wide variety of indicas, sativas and hybrids.


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