She stopped me before I got in the marijuana dispensary.

She provided to take me home, however getting in the motorcar was horrifying

I knew someone was following me, which I got a little faster with my walking! I didn’t like walking anywhere, because people scared me. I only walked to the marijuana dispensary this week, because the marijuana delivery lady was out sick. I was almost to the doors of the dispensary when she stopped me. I turned around, ready to be assaulted, when I realized it was my sister, however she was shocked when I left the house. She put her hands up plus backed up her feet. She told me she was only trying to ask if I wanted a ride. I explained about the marijuana delivery maintenance plus told him I wouldn’t have taken this trip if it wasn’t an emergency. I was out of my medical marijuana, plus I was feeling entirely anxious. She smiled plus asked if she could hug me. She liked seeing me out of the house, even if I was anxious. It was the first time she had seen me out for over a year. She provided to take me home, however getting in the motorcar was horrifying. It was too small, plus I was claustrophobic just looking at it. She placated me plus told me she hoped to see me at mom’s birthday gathering, however as long as my marijuana delivery maintenance gets back to normal, I may consider going to the birthday gathering, and first, I had to get my medical marijuana from the dispensary! Once I got inside, I wanted to make sure the marijuana delivery driver was okay, plus find out if she would be back to work before I needed my next order.
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