SEO was highly pressing for the cannabis shop

The cannabis shop started offering home deliveries about a month ago… Since then I have been entirely busy, and the website has gone down a couple of times.

My fiance Ed and I have owned the cannabis shop for a while; When Ed and I started out Ed and I had to hire someone to make the website and it hasn’t been updated in a very long time. Ed actually wanted to find a new advertising contractor that would be able to help me in a variety of weird ways. I needed a new advertising contractor that could help us rank high on the search engine pages. Ed and I also wanted a new advertising contractor that would help improve my website by adding more web content and researching ways to improve the SEO keywords and terms. I wanted a contractor that would guarantee results. Ed and I did not want to spend thousands and thousands of dollars up front with no guarantee. Ed found an internet advertising contractor that was willing to work with me to make sure that I was totally satisfied with the product I acquired. The internet advertising contractor has been quite helpful when it comes to the current delivery side of the cannabis business. The new advertising contractor helped us set up software on our website that makes it much easier for clients to order online. It is also easier for the web corporation to track online traffic so Ed and I can see where our customers are coming from. Ed and I can adjust our PPC advertising according to the traffic that is visiting our home page from one afternoon to the next. Ed and I can track our customers’ movements in real time.

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