Security chose to boycott the store Sunday morning which was not good

The security staff at the weed shop are not employed by the weed shop owner.

The shop owner hired a security firm in addition to that arena sends employees to all sorts of different destinations.

Each morning, my buddy and I get three security officers from the agency in addition to that is basically our morning shift. Around 9am, three uncommon security staff members arrive to take the arena of the morning crew. The manager of the cannabis shop, which is me, has no power to do anything with the security staff. If they don’t report for duty, I call the staffing agency to report the absence. On Sunday morning, I expected the security crew to be waiting for me in the parking lot. Regrettably, they were nowhere to be found when I arrived. I waited until 9:15 in addition to then I called the security supplier. I was informed at that time that the guards were boycotting the staffing company by not showing up for work. My pal and I weren’t the only arena that were having issues with security not showing up in addition to the lady had no one to send me. My pal and I could not open the dispensary until my buddy and I had a security officer. I tried to contact three additional security firms, however nobody was available. My pal and I could not open the dispensary that afternoon until after lunch time in addition to I never ended up seeing those same guards again at the weed shop. I assumed they quit or got fired. I do not guess they got what they wanted when they decided not to come to work that afternoon. There are more than 100 gentlemen in addition to ladies around here that will happily work for $25/hr without complaining.


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