Saving money for a new car means smoking less weed

I’m very prone to getting into vehicle accidents when I am behind the wheel.

My vehicle was already falling apart when I ran that stop sign.

I had to swerve to avoid hitting another car. I put my vehicle in the ditch and it was completely totaled; After the wrecker pulled it free from the ditch, it never started again. I took the local bus to work for a while, however now I have to start saving money for a new car. That means that I have to cut down my budget in other places.The vehicle accident was 6 weeks ago and I just started saving up money for the new car… Every week I have to put money in my savings account when I get paid. I used to spend 100 or more every week on recreational marijuana products and now I have to cut that budget by over half. It’s genuinely tough to cut the budget in half, because I like all of the weed products that I was smoking. In order to continue smoking recreational marijuana the same amount, I will have to buy cheaper products. Most of the time I was buying top shelf marijuana strains or pre-rolls that were infused, however now I am going to need to buy a half ounce of home grown, daylight grown flower. It will still get me high, however it’s not going to taste as sweet as the other stuff. It’s going to take at least 6 weeks before I can save up enough money for a respectable down payment on another car. I’m not looking forward to residing like a terrible person over that time.

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