Sativa strains make me feel completely energized and prepared for the morning

Sativa strains can feel like an energy drink or a shot of b12.

Sativa strains are actually known for creating an energizing and positive uplifting effect.

I enjoy using sativa strains when I am going to be spending my time doing fun outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, boating, or surfing. I also appreciate using sativa strains when I need to be creative for a project at work. Marijuana stimulates my brain, my body, and my artistic side. There are all sorts of good sativa strains available on the market. One of my preferred sativa strains happens to be Durban poison. It is a 100% pure sativa strain, and durban Poison makes me feel particularly creative and energetic. It tastes like grapefruits and has an actually sweet and pungent smell. Another one of my preferred marijuana strains happens to be sour diesel. Sour Diesel is fast acting, however it is only 60% sativa. It actually makes me feel a bit more sleepy than I do when I use Durban poison. Still, I appreciate the sweet lemony smell and taste. Blue dream is another one of the best sativa strains available. It is perfect for outdoor growing and can yield up to 30 oz in one crop season. Blue Dream is a 79% sativa dominant strain. It has a lemon and berry scent and unique flavor. These three sativa strains are my most enjoyed right now and they are available at any dispensary near me. These strains are available at a dispensary near you as well. If you cannot find them available inside of the store or online, make sure to call the store and ask for a budtender.

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