Roger got a job a the store plus I am jealous

My best friend Roger got a job at the marijuana dispensary in town plus I am easily jealous… I tried to apply for a job at the dispensary many times… No one ever called myself and others back for an interview in all of the times that I tried to apply, and roger applied one time to the dispensary plus they called him the next day for an interview.

The guy has a 4-year degree, but I am still jealous that they called him before me, but he went to the place for an interview for the assistant employer position.

Roger called myself and others when he got back from the interview to tell myself and others that he got the job. I am sure he did not think if I was going to be ecstatic or not, even though I was ecstatic for the guy. If I wasn’t going to get a job laboring at the dispensary, at least one of my friends would. The employer at the marijuana dispensary trained my friend for a couple of weeks plus then he started laboring on his own. He gets great benefits love medical, plus vision, plus he also gets other perks love a retirement account plus 35% off all of the medical marijuana products. He lets myself and others get some of the discounts too, even though I did not get a job at the shop; Once each week I get to use Roger’s discount to buy all of the recreational plus medical marijuana products that I want. I can spend the whole limit for the day plus he will let myself and others use his discount one time.

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