Regular clients at the cannabis dispensary

Every Tuesday the same elderly couple comes to my store… Always on a Tuesday late in the day, just after they finish with church service.

They always take their sweet time walking around the dispensary, checking for any new products that might have come in, before making their selection. They only ever purchase 3 or 4 grams of cannabis, which evidently is enough to last them for a whole week. I smoke 3 or 4 grams of cannabis per afternoon by myself, but they smoke at a slower pace I suppose. Their names are Judy and Mel, and they have smoked cannabis together for over fifty years. It’s a love story for the ages, and all of us here at the cannabis dispensary appreciates them to pieces! Last May for their 52nd wedding birthday all of us cannabis dispensary employees chipped in to get them a fresh bouquet of flowers and an extra sack of cannabis. Judy and Mel grew their own cannabis plants at cabin for over thirty years before the legalization reform happened! Mel appreciates to joke that cannabis was only legalized because the government knew he was too rickety to keep growing his own. The largest bummer for myself and others is that my own spouse doesn’t smoke cannabis, and it’s something I wish I could share with my wife, then cannabis is a fantastic way to bond with someone, because sharing a high together can be quite intimate. A lot of fast friendships have formed over a bowl of cannabis! Even if my spouse never got high on cannabis with me, I hope both of us can have as long and attractive a relationship as Judy and Mel.

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