Rediscovering marijuana through edibles

It’s the cannabis edibles that have been so nice to have as a release.

When I was younger, I enjoyed being at parties and the best part of most of those parties for me was the recreational marijuana. I don’t think I realized it then but perhaps I had a bit of social anxiety that the cannabis helped manage. I mean, most of us have some measure of social anxiety right? It’s just not to the level where we’re paralyzed and unable to function socially. I feel so terrible for people who have to live with this level of social anxiety. And I think that was another argument to be made when medical marijuana was trying to get passed. But the medical marijuana experiment went so well that recreational marijuana was soon legalized. And that’s a good thing for me because I’m rediscovering cannabis products. I loved those parties with the recreational marijuana but I never pursued trying to find marijuana for sale. That was a step too far for me simply because it was illegal. However these days, I can pop into the local cannabis spot just about any time I choose. And while I’m not down to the cannabis dispensary all that often, I do get by for one particular cannabis product. It’s the cannabis edibles that have been so nice to have as a release. I don’t like to smoke cannabis and I don’t drink so these cannabis edibles really to the trick. And I really like knowing just the THC content of the cannabis products that I’m ingesting. That’s a big thing for me because I like to feel fine but not end up with couch lock and end up watching TV all day. Rediscovering cannabis has been great and I also see that it’s a bit easier for me in social situations as well.

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