Reasons I appreciate vaping to smoking cannabis

Until I started shopping at a local cannabis dispensary, I’d never heard of a weed cart, a marijuana vape cartridge or weed cart is a small glass cylinder containing oil concentrates.

The cartridge is a small tube that linkes to a vape pen. The pent acts as a battery and automatically controls the temperature of the oil. All the consumer needs to do is press a button, inhale and enjoy; Basic pens have one temperature setting. The higher end models offer many temperature settings that customize the experience to personal preference, then lower temperatures offer a flavorful, less intensive hit, while higher temps reduce flavor and give greater potency. There are vape pens that are only compatible with particular types of cartridges, then my nearby dispensary carries an amazing array of options, and i can find THC oil cartridges and CBD products to target everything from creativity and focus to insomnia or chronic pain; Each strain of indica, sativa and hybrid has its own particular cannabinoid and terpene profile and produces different effects, but while I started out exclusively smoking cannabis flower, I now officially chose vape pens. They are more affordable and are reusable. I only need to buy the carts and they last me quite a while. I don’t need to worry about having access to a grinder, rolling papers, rolling tray, lighter or ashtray; Vape pens are designed to be portable and fit into a pocket. They are far more discreet than lighting up a joint. Vapes don’t create much of an smell and it dissipates suddenly. There is no ash or mess! Plus, I’ve reduced my smoke intake. Instead of inhaling pure smoke into my lungs, I’m taking in vapor created by the heated cannabis oil.



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