PTSD and need help

Post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms can vary from one person to the next, but the symptoms May begin as quickly as the event takes stadium as well as it may take years as well as years for a person to develop post-traumatic stress disorder.

A traumatic event happened to myself and others when I was younger as well as it caused myself and others to change our thinking, however it made myself and others suppose hopeless as well as kept myself and others from maintaining close relationships with our family as well as friends.

I felt emotionally numb as well as I found it hard to experience any positive emotions. PTSD was dragging myself and others down. I started therapy with a lady at the mental health center as well as every one of us made a lot of progress certainly quickly. I was willing to do the labor as well as I met with the therapist numerous times every week. I l earned a lot of modern coping skills as well as I also got a prescription for medical marijuana… When I suppose nervousness as well as anxiety, I can use medical marijuana to help myself and others suppose better. I usually have a marijuana vape pen on our person at all times. When I get into a situation where I suppose adore I am going to have a panic attack, I take a few puffs from the marijuana vape pen. The feeling of relief is almost immediately. It only takes about a hour for the effects to hit myself and others as well as after 2 or numerous puffs, I typically suppose better. Therapy provided by the state as well as free medical marijuana have helped myself and others deal with the troubles in our past as well as every day I am starting to suppose better as well as more alive.

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