Prices are cheaper if we drive 45 minutes out of the city

You might think that the prices on marijuana are cheaper in the city, but in this state, the prices on marijuana are cheaper in the rural country areas.

This is the area where the marijuana is being grown, so the prices are really cheap. When I am in the city, I spend an average of $30 for an eighth of marijuana. I can buy that same eighth of marijuana in the country for $16. The savings are unbelievable and I have seen them for myself. I went to a dispensary near me with some friends last weekend. The prices on marijuana concentrates were not anywhere as low as I was hoping so we decided to drive the extra 45 minutes into the country. I found a marijuana dispensary nearby with great deals and good prices. They even had some sales and specials that were not listed online. My friends and I got ounces of marijuana with 35% THC for only 50 bucks. The deals were unbelievable and we were first time patients, so we saved 30% off our order. My friends and I always drive into the country now if we want to stock up on marijuana products. I don’t mind making the 45-minute drive. My car gets excellent gas mileage. It’s still fairly new and it’s a hybrid electric. It was the nicest car on the lot when I made the purchase. It probably only costs me about five or six dollars worth of gas to make the drive to the dispensary and back. I probably save the gas on one single gram or eighth of marijuana.

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