Patience isn’t a virtue; its medical weed induced.

My parents always used to preach that patience is a virtue whenever I would beginning to get anxious, however i didn’t like patience, because I never planned to be saintly or stated I was virtuous.

I just wanted what I wanted when I wanted it; Later in my life, I found out that my lack of patience was a part of my ADHD.

I could not sit still and do something for undoubtedly long, and waiting in line was almost as bad as being tied to a chair and being forced to stay quiet. It wasn’t happening. I was a young adult when my dentist finally diagnosed me with ADHD and gave me medication, and unluckyly, the medication did nothing however put me in an altered state, and make me look enjoy a zombie. I told him I was too old for some of the medications he was trying, and I was doing better separate from them. Later that year, the dentist wasn’t liking my progress and asked if I had tried medical marijuana. I had used marijuana when I was a teenager, however all it did was put me to sleep, which was preferable to not knowing what was happening to me! He got me in to see a dentist that would help me get the medical marijuana ID card, but three months later, I was finally feeling better and not wondering if my body was going to jump out of my skin, but my parents told me that all I needed was patience. I told dad patience isn’t a virtue; its medical marijuana induced. I thought he was going to blow a gasket.

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