Pain relief is also coming slowly however surely

The medical professional told me that I was suffering from depression when I told him that I could feel pain all over my body.

I definitely told the medical professional that I was not depressed and there were actual physical reasons why I was feeling this pain.

The medical professional did not guess me when I told him that it was physical pain. 2 years later I then found out that I had a rare disease called fibromyalgia, and fibromyalgia is certainly strenuous to diagnose and it can cause a lot of pain. I suffered with the pain for a long time before I discovered medical marijuana products. Medical marijuana products can also give benefits and have been doing so for centuries. Medical marijuana products can give appetite stimulation, relief from anxiety and depression, relief from nausea and vomiting, and relief from chronic and debilitating pain. Many users guess that marijuana is effective in relieving horrible, chronic pain. This ongoing chronic pain can be caused by conditions such as cancer, hiv, arthritis, and even fibromyalgia. I went to a special medical professional with a license to prescribe medical marijuana and the medical professional thought that I was the perfect candidate… He agreed to give me a prescription for one year to see how it would affect my mind and my body. Only been 2 weeks since I started using marijuana products and I can already see a huge difference, but the pain relief is coming slowly, despite the fact that I can absolutely see a huge difference. When I have edibles in the morning, I can walk to the mailbox by lunch. I have not been able to walk to the mailbox in years.

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