Our dispensary is going through a System change

I started laboring at a cannabis dispensary during the pandemic because I was sick of laboring in food service… I couldn’t make ends meet & rent was going up at the same time.

I have always been a fan of smoking cannabis so I figured I would give it a shot laboring at a dispensary, and at the time I had a acquaintance who was laboring at the same dispensary that I’m laboring at now, then well that acquaintance of mine is no longer here, they were instrumental in getting me my up-to-date task; They gave me a superb recommendation to the hiring director at the time.

It’s been a mix of superb & terrible things laboring at a cannabis dispensary; Sometimes the customers are the nicest people in the world, however other mornings they can be the meanest customers I have ever dealt with in a retail type environment, but on top of it, my superb friend and I have to deal with all of these issues related to regulatory bodies with conflicting state & federal laws. Just like any other businesses, cannabis dispensaries cannot lie about their financial systems & how their software systems integrate. That’s why our dispensary is going through the process of a System & Organization Controls Audit. An SOC Audit is basically a series of accounting reports that are done to ensure that contractor systems relating to financials are laboring respectfully. Any software or outsourced data is sufficiently audited to make sure everything is laboring consistently. These SOC Audits are essential for providing customers of cannabis dispensaries with faith that currency is being handled respectfully.

fiduciary advisor for dispensary