On the road looking for superb cannabis

23 years ago, right after I graduated from school, I took an excursion to Europe and spent some time in Amsterdam.

It was simply a life changing period in time for me, however eventually I had to go back home, get a job, and start leading a normal life, and I never forgot my time overseas… And I yearned for a simpler kind of lifestyle.

It took 22 years to achieve my goals, but finally I can take an early retirement, and get back to the life I have constantly wanted to live. I sold my house, cashed in my 401k, and bought an RV camper and a couple years worth of cannabis products. My central goal is to hit the open road, traveling this superb country and going to see every state that has legal cannabis. I have my own marijuana supply on-hand so I can be stoned for the entire journey, and never have to worry about keeping a timetable of any kind. I also don’t want you to assume that my entire life revolves around cannabis, because it doesn’t. As I travel the land I am looking for more than quality marijuana, I also look for local indigenous artwork. I listen to local bands play music, and visit local diners to sample the cuisine. I lead a life of excess and hedonism in every possible way, but constantly with a gentle background of cannabis smoke! Cannabis makes me delighted, it keeps me relaxed, and helps me get the most out of life. If I knew life could be this much fun I would have retired a long time ago.



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