Night out starts at cannabis dispensary

We work really hard being good adults, good parents, good children and good partners.

  • So every now and again, we like to make a big deal about date night.

And date nights are also one of times that we like to ease by the cannabis dispensary. The fact that we took our date nights for granted was certainly changed by the pandemic. We spent nearly two years without really going out at all. Thankfully, the local cannabis spot made an adjustment on the fly when it came to the pandemic. We were able to get the sativa and indica strains that we love thanks to cannabis delivery. I’m so glad that our local cannabis spot came up with marijuana delivery because that was one of the few good things to come from the pandemic. The other one is that we now make a much bigger deal when we get an opportunity for date night. We get the kids over to the grandparents for the night and then it’s off for some choice selections at the marijuana dispensary. Normally on date nights, we aren’t looking for flower as much as we are cannabis oil pens or marijuana edibles. This allows us to be a bit more discreet. We always use a taxi or an Uber so there is no driving ever if we’re using cannabis. But man, I love to split and edible in the cab on the way to a lovely dinner that then is followed by some dancing. We may be parents but we still really love to get our dancing on. And that first stop at the local cannabis spot sure gets me in the mood for some dancing.


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