My wife smiled and told me it was medical marijuana.

I had this feeling my wife didn’t understand that although it was medical marijuana, it was still marijuana.

If you used a high THC marijuana product you could get high.

As far as I knew, she had never used marijuana. Using medical marijuana was something you had to do carefully. I had read the labels on some of those marijuana products. The one marijuana product they gave her was almost 87% THC. There wasn’t enough CBD in the product to do her any good. I asked her to please let me look at the medical marijuana before she used it. I could read the packages and let her know what to expect when it was used. Apparently, she forgot to let me check this package. When I got home, she was sitting in her recliner watching television and laughing. She smiled at me when I asked what medication she had used. She smiled and told me it was medical marijuana and I didn’t need to worry. She felt so good that she couldn’t stop smiling. I shook my head and told her she was high. She told me she had never been high in her life, and it was medical marijuana. Medical marijuana does not make you high. The budtender told her that. The budtender wasn’t very good if he told her she couldn’t get high from medical marijuana. I called the dispensary and told them my wife’s name and how she was so high she couldn’t move. The budtender said she told my wife that if she used it as prescribed, she could get a mild high. I didn’t know who to believe.


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