My reactive dog is helped by Pet CBD products

2 years ago I lost my best friend, Scout.

Scout was a border collie that I had since she was about 6 months old.

I rescued Scout from the shelter, and she was my buddy for about 13 years or so. She was absolutely gorgeous, and I’m pretty sure she was 100% Border Collie. When Scout passed away, I got tired of coming home to an empty house. That is when I went back to that very same shelter and looked for my next best friend. That is when I took home Frannie, my beautiful Pitbull mix. Franny is absolutely gorgeous and I would do anything for her, but she does have one little problem. She is a bit reactive. I don’t know if you’ve ever had a reactive dog or seen a reactive dog, but they can be quite the challenge to deal with. A reactive dog is simply one that reacts to things. Some react to thunder and rain and falling leaves in Autumn. Others react to people. Some react to other dogs. Some react to absolutely everything. Well my dog got some training, and she is not as reactive as she used to be. I believe in using tools to help me with her reactivity, and one of those new tools is pet.cbd products. That is right, I give my dog CBD. I have tried various forms of CBD, as well. pet CBD products can be purchased as oils that you can rub into their skin or the pads of their feet. Pet CBD products can be purchased as Edibles for your dog that they eat. CBD products can be purchased as dog treats or tablets that you can put into cheese and give to them. Of course, I find cbd pet products to be most useful when they are CBD Edibles for your dog.

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