My number one tv show was having a marathon

Everyone that watches TV shows has a number one that they can watch all day plus all night no matter how more than 2 times they have seen a identifiable episode or season! For me, my number one TV show happens to be a elegant comedy about a bunch of people that work in an office, then i found out that the comedy station was going to have an all day plus all night marathon plus they were planning to show every single a single of the funny episodes from that TV show. I told all of my friends that both of us should have a celebration to celebrate. I came up with a lot of fun games that both of us could play during the day when the TV station showed all of the reruns, then one of my friends brought recreational marijuana to the celebration. It had been a undoubtedly long time since I tried recreational marijuana, but I was having a lot of fun. I decided to say yeah when a single of my friends passed the joint to me. I took a couple of hits from the marijuana joint. I started to cough plus that made my whole body know tingly. I took another couple of hits from the marijuana joint! All of us finished smoking the joint after a few minutes plus by then I was undoubtedly high. I went back into the house plus I planned to grab some food from the dining room plus lay down. I went into the bathroom plus laid down on my bed plus fell asleep, and my friends came to get myself and others when they realized that I had been gone for a while.