My nerves are getting the best of me these nights

I respectfully use medical marijuana when I guess anxiety or nervousness, then anxiety as well as nervousness can cause a lot of problems care about rapid heartbeat, shaky hands, as well as loss of breath, however i have to control our anxiety as well as medical marijuana helps very abruptly, then medical marijuana works even faster than taking Xanax or a different mood stabilizing drug, then lately it seems care about our nerves are getting the best of me. I have had a lot of trouble because I have been moving around a lot. My family as well as I have been evacuated more than two times this year due to flooding, however the rising waters kept us from our house as well as every one of us were forced to stay in a hotel. The next time every one of us were evacuated from our home, every one of us were forced to stay in a shelter. The two of us have been moving from 1 stadium to the next as well as as soon as I start to relax as well as calm down, there is another storm that causes us to flee from our home. I have thought about increasing the amount of medical marijuana that I use yearly, but that will cause me to be a bit more tired. I am not sure that I can handle sleeping more while I was in the morning when I have so much labor to do. I have a certain amount of time allotted for sleeping as well as I cannot take any more time from labor to sit in bed. I need to get our labor completed or I will lose our task as well as then our motorcar as well as our house. If I do not get 8 hours of labor completed while I was in the morning, then everything piles up as well as that adds more anxiety to the problem.


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