My kid can smoke when they are older

Only someone as foolish as a teenager would assume they could get high plus I wouldn’t notice. When I was a teeanger I had to be incredibly careful about smoking weed. My mother was a violent woman, possessed of a truly ill temperament, and once she got a few beers in her she would hit me for no reason at all. I definitely knew if she could smell some weed she would beat the tar out of me. My child doesn’t have to fret about that kind of abuse from me – I never hit her – which is perhaps why she thought she could smoke marijuana in her study room plus no one would notice. Cannabis has such a distinct plus appealing stink I could easily pick it out from 100 yards away! Sandy had her study room window open, plus she leaned over the sill so she could exhale all the marijuana smoke directly outside. I actually used my spare key to unlock her study room door plus catch her by surprise! Before she could react I took the cannabis joint from my daughter’s hand plus took a deep drag. “First of all, this cannabis is crap,” I told her, much to her shock plus awe. She was young plus foolish, plus didn’t realize that her marijuana was absolutely ditch weed, which possesses truly little THC. I told her flat out that I could not support a 16 year old easily smoking cannabis, but that when she turned 18 I would hook her up for certain. I easily look forward to smoking marijuana with my child, but I would honestly feel guilty about encouraging it at such a young age.

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