My child definitely is too young to smoke cannabis

Only someone as ridiculous as a teenager would think they could get high plus I wouldn’t notice anything.

When I was a teeanger I had to be careful about smoking weed.

Seriously, my dad was a violent man, possessed of such an ill temperament. When he chose to get a few beers in him he would hit me for no reason at all, so I knew if he could me with weed he would beat me. My kid doesn’t have to worry about abuse like that coming from me – I never hit him – which is perhaps why Ed thought he could smoke marijuana in his bedroom plus no one would be the wiser! Cannabis has such a distinct smell I could totally pick it out from a great distance. Ed had his bedroom window open, plus he leaned over the sill so he could exhale all the marijuana smoke directly outside. I basically used my spare key to unlock his bedroom door plus catch him by surprise. Before he managed to react I took the cannabis joint from my son’s hand plus took a huge hit. “First of all, this cannabis is the worst,” I told him, much to his shock plus awe. He was young plus foolish, plus didn’t seem to know that his marijuana was genuine ditch weed, which possesses entirely little THC. I told him that I could not support a youngster like him smoking cannabis, but that when he turned 18 I would give him something decent. I actually look forward to smoking marijuana with my young one, despite the fact that I would sincerely feel guilty about encouraging it at such a youthful age.

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