My acquaintance told me about the sale nearby my city

Wednesday I was eventually laboring at the pizzeria and I got stuck washing dishes.

  • I do not care for washing dishes, but the guy that was supposed to be here for a shift called out sick and there was no one else to take care of the chore.

I do not usually work in the back of the house, so I simply interacted with some people that night that I do not usually talk to. One of those persons was an acquaintance that told me about a sale at a marijuana dispensary nearby. The marijuana dispensary was having a pressing blowout sale and a whole bunch of items were on clearance. There were 40 and 50% savings across the store. I did not know anything about the sale at the marijuana dispensary nearby until the guy in the kitchen told me about it. I also wanted to leave the venue early so I could make a fortune from the sale, but I was supposed to work until 11:00 p.m. I waited until 9:00 when things were slower and I told my boss that I had an emergency. I told the guy that I needed to leave for 30 minutes but I would come back to finish up my shift and clean up all of the dishes. The supervisor did not seem to be too aggravated with me leaving for 30 minutes and I was easily back in less than 25. I managed to get everything that I wanted from the dispensary and there wasn’t a pressing line of people. I was in and out of the venue in record time.


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