Moving was a great decision for lots of reasons

When my wife said she wanted to move to the west coast, I thought that she was crazy.

She wanted to sell our house and move halfway across the country to a place that neither one of us had ever been in the past.

There were a lot of great reasons to move. My wife got an opportunity to work for a company that offered her more money and a better job title. It was hard to turn that down. Another great reason to move was legalization of recreational and medical marijuana. My wife and I moved over to the west coast where marijuana was legal and that made it much easier to purchase the medical products that we use everyday. After we moved to the West coast, we were shocked by the different types of products that were available in the dispensary. We had a selection like nothing we had ever seen in the past. I’ve found some products that I really like and I often purchase these items from the dispensary. Some of my favorite products include edibles. I prefer to buy edibles from the dispensary instead of making them at home on my own. It’s actually a lot more difficult than you might think to make edibles at home. Edibles require a lot of time and marijuana. It’s easily cheaper just to buy the products from the marijuana dispensary. Around here I can get cookies, candy, space cake, pot brownies, gummies, and even chocolate that is infused with marijuana. My favorite product is currently a tincture from a company that makes live resin. The tincture tastes great and really hits hard.

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