Medical marijuana helps with chronic pain

Pain management is easily one of the most common reasons why people choose medical marijuana in this country.

There is very limited evidence to suggest that marijuana treats all types of acute or chronic pain.

Still, pain management is one of the reasons why doctors regularly prescribe medical marijuana to patients. Some Studies have shown that marijuana can be especially helpful to treat neuropathy. Neuropathy is a type of special pain caused by damage to the nervous system. I suffer from neuropathy in my feet that is due to being diabetic. I’ve had problems with my sugar since I was fifteen years old. It causes numbness, weakness, and pain in my legs and feet. Sometimes it can affect my back as well. I regularly wake up in the morning with excessive pain in my feet and I can’t make it go away without using Medical marijuana. I got a prescription from my doctor about 2 years ago. Since then, marijuana has been legalized for recreational use too. When marijuana was legalized for recreational use, the prices dropped significantly. Everyone across the state has access to marijuana now and that means that the selection is even greater. The marijuana shops near me have one of the best selection of Edibles in the whole country. The place carries about 15 different brands and more than 50 different individual flavors like green apple, grape, blueberry, cherry, and watermelon. When I have a 10 mg gummy in the morning and another 10 mg gummy at night, I have less pain and I sleep more soundly.

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