Medical cannabis rules!

Even after a year’s worth of physical therapy I still walk with a limp.

  • The dentists say that I will likely never get rid of it, because the mangle to my leg was too severe.

In fact I was told by a specialist that it is a miracle that I got to keep my leg at all! Chances were actually high that I would need to get it amputated, so I consider myself actually fortunate that I can walk at all, however dealing with the pain is an ongoing process, and doing it without opioids is especially difficult. I have been using medical cannabis and CBD to help me sleep at night, because I need the relief however don’t want to risk an opioid addiction! CBD is actually nice for giving me a full-body sense of relaxation, however the medical cannabis is what actually does the trick. The weird thing is that the 2 cannabis products have odd effects, however seem to enhance each other when taken together. On its own CBD oil does nothing for me, however it always makes the medical marijuana hit a little bit harder. I sleep more deeply, and wake up feeling more rested, when I take both CBD oil and medical cannabis in equal doses! For the rest of the day I skip the CBD oil and just smoke medical marijuana love normal. The CBD only comes at the end of the day when I am ready to get some rest. I wish they sold medical cannabis at the gas station love they sell CBD products.


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