Medical cannabis has helped so much with my eating disorder

While it may seem pretty strange that I’m sort of having to relearn how to go about feeding myself, that’s sort of what has happened with me lately.

Yet, having this eating disorder for twenty years will do that.

An eating disorder is the definition of not knowing how to eat. This is all changing now that I’m treating with medical marijuana regularly. Cannabis products are part of an overall strategy aimed at owning my body setbacks and moving forward in life. I am a smart, classy lady so it’s not so easy to divulge that I’ve had such an excruciating time with body setbacks. It’s even more challenging to understand that I’ve almost ruined my health because of it. It all starts with starving yourself and then you go through cycles of binging and purging. Of course your overall health will suffer tremendously. I don’t care how smart or independent you happen to be, if you don’t get help it won’t get better in the least. That’s what eventually convinced me to get the help I needed with medical marijuana. With the cannabis gummies I use, I’m able to generate a healthy appetite, and it’s this appetite I’m learning all about. For a long while, my appetite was basically the enemy. Now with the assistance of cannabis products I’m able to see my appetite as a truly healthy thing. I can honestly see an appetite as something that is simply a signal for food. And that has to be alright. The medical marijuana also helps me understand and appreciate my unique body type. This is also so substantial. I’m thankful that medical marijuana is legal in my area and I’m able to access a pot shop.

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