Medical cannabis can be pretty expensive

The biggest problem I have found with medical cannabis is the cost.

I was stoked that the new weed laws passed in the general election.

I thought that everyone should have the freedom to get high without worrying about jail. I know that there are millions of people who use marijuana only for medicinal purposes, and of course I support that as well, but I also think recreational use should be 100% legal. All my hopes and dreams came crashing down during my first visit to the new medical cannabis dispensary when I saw how much their products cost. You know how it’s stupid to buy milk at the gas station because it costs twice as much as at the grocery store? Well in this case a medical cannabis dispensary is like the gas station, and cannabis is the milk. I know half a dozen different people that sell weed for far lower prices than at the medical cannabis dispensary. The products they carry are substandard, of course, because the cannabis dispensary is able to ship in exotic strains from all over the world, and Carl just has the stuff he grows in his garage. Carl also charges a fraction of what the cannabis dispensary charges, so until I hit the lottery I don’t have a lot of choice in the matter. I am quite sure that the exotic and expensive medical cannabis strains at the shop are amazing, but I simply don’t have the budget for it. Either I buy the garage-grown cannabis from Carl, or I go without smoking at all.

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