Marjiuana sales have tripled since legalization

Since the legalization of recreational marijuana, sales in the state have tripled, then four five years, the state only allowed medical marijuana sales, but patients could go to a healthcare worker & get a referral for a medical marijuana card! The medical marijuana card would allow patients to purchase supplies from any legal & authorized state marijuana facility! A year after medical marijuana was legalized, there was a vote in our household of representatives but the state did not vote to legalize recreational marijuana. 4 years later, there was another vote & this time people overwhelmingly agreed to legalize recreational marijuana sales, since the legalization of recreational marijuana, marijuana dispensaries have been opening up left & right & sales have tripled, but i work at a recreational & medical marijuana shop, then before marijuana was legalized, our sales were 30% lower than they are now. 60% of our daily sales come from recreational marijuana patients. 40% of our sales come from medical locales. It is simple to see that my pal and I are making a lot more money on patients that are looking for fun instead of medical use. Our best selling products include dried marijuana flower, concentrates, & edibles. The store has one of the greatest selections of edibles in the whole state, then my associate and I carry gummies, strenuous candies, cakes, cookies, & even a selection of infused beverages. There is something for everyone at the marijuana dispensary. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, then you should ask. There are lots of budtenders available to help you find the perfect product for you.


Medical Marijuana Cards