Marjiuana sales have dropped a good amount in recent times

It’s not especially easy to compete with sizable warehouse providers when you are a small business.

The large stores, chains, in addition to warehouses commonly buy bulk items in addition to charge rock bottom prices. It’s the same with that marijuana industry… Recently I have come to notice a pretty immense drop in marijuana sales. When I opened the weed shop, I was the only arena in the city to offer recreational in addition to medical marijuana sales. I was the only arena in the city to offer delivery in addition to my buddy and I still are the arena to offer the farthest zone. My pal and I travel up to 80 miles from our base to supply quality medical in addition to recreational marijuana products to our purchasers. I observed a giant drop in sales that directly correlates with the opening of a discount warehouse. The discount warehouse is about 40 minutes from this area. The warehouse has all of the clearance in addition to last minute sales on marijuana. A good amount of their products are at least 20% lower than the products that my buddy and I keep in stock at the recreational in addition to medical marijuana shop. The discount warehouse started advertising on the radio too which has made things worse. I heard an advertisement this morning when I was on my way to the office. Mentioning the name of the actual radio station gets purchasers in addition to additional 10% off the already low in addition to unbelievable prices. With the way things are going at this time, it will not take more than 6 months for the major marijuana company to completely shut me out of the business. My only true option here will be to move my company to some other destination.



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