Marijuana was an open secret in my family

Until recently marijuana has been an “open secret” in my family.

I have been a pothead since high school, and my parents knew this but never said anything.

At first I thought it was because they were cool people, which they are, but later I discovered they were also potheads. My folks were both school teachers, so they had to keep it quiet that they enjoyed getting stoned. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree after all! Last year the issue of marijuana legalization came up on the statewide ballot, and was voted through with a resounding success. The people have spoken, and they want legal cannabis! As I said, this takes the pressure off of me to keep my marijuana use a secret, because it’s no longer illegal. Since my parents still teach elementary school, they still don’t want people to know they get high, so I have started going to the cannabis dispensary on their behalf. It is a very weird feeling to have your Dad hand you cash for a cannabis purchase! My mom will write out a list of the cannabis products they need, and dad hands me enough cash to cover the bill… plus a few extra bucks for myself. It’s such a wholesome scene of family togetherness, isn’t it? Oddly enough, I rarely smoke cannabis with my parents, even though we all do it, we all do it separately. My parents like to smoke cannabis on the back porch in the evenings, while I usually do it in my bedroom while I am writing or listening to music.


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